Thursday, May 9, 2019

Literture Program for Preschool Classroom Essay

Literture Program for Preschool Classroom - Essay frameworkThere is an abundance of story titles out in the market. However, it is important for a teacher to choose the closely appropriate ones that truly meet the criteria for overall development of children. Books that focus on repetition are nigh(a) choices, especially for toddlers who need to master their language. The repetitive lines give children the opportunity to participate in the story by saying them out loud when the story calls for it. Another point for story selection is how the book revolves more or less the needs of the specific children the teacher is working with (Giorgin & Glazer, 2008). For instance, very young children welcome stories that empower the characters that are hold in their skills because of their young age. A character who is considered too little to do many things may exempt arrive at a healthy self-esteem by being able to set the table or change his own shirt. The characters in the story may b e in situations that are relatable to the children. Simple plots such as going to school for the first time, managing to be friends with bullies, accepting the responsibility of being a sib to a new baby or learning a new skill such as riding a bicycle capture the interest of children. Of course, the stories need to have a positive field and a significant lesson to learn. The words used must be simple and understandable (Brewer, 2002)Giorgin & Glazer (2008) have identified the goals and strategies of childrens literature to support various areas of their development. The goals should support childrens language, intellectual, personality, social and moral, and aesthetic and productive development. The goals in quotation marks have been adapted from Giorgin & Glazers (2008) book. These reflect my philosophy on childrens learning and development.For language development, I want to adapt Giorgin & Glazers (2008) goal, Children will authorize

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