Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Crimean Crisis of 2014 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Crimean Crisis of 2014 - Case Study ExampleConsequently, under the justification of responsibility to protect the Russian minorities in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea in March, 2014 (Yuhas 2014).The Russian annexation of Crimea caused a massive have words on a global level and the action was condemned by majority of global leaders. The Crimean crisis has been considered as a significant global issue which has caused severe impact on relations mingled with western foundation and Russia and their allies. Also, the crisis caused massive blow to economic stability in Ukraine and Russia. The clashes between the West and Russia through economic sanctions, zero politics, and political pressure have threatened the global stability and brought the world on the verge of shabby War II (Koshkin 2014). The causes of Crimean crisis can be traced in current global politics and contested perceptions of the call down identity in Ukrainian society.The purpose of this case study is to investigate the Crimean crisis of 2014. By means of motley researches and available reports, the paper allow examine the root causes of crisis and its impact on various groups. The paper will also present potential solutions in order to abate the negative effects of the crisis.The Autonomous majority rule of Crimea, internationally recognized as a part of Ukraine, is situated on a peninsula which has spread between the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea with Russian border to its east (BBC Monitoring 2014). In the late 2013, Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych faced a choice when the country was moving towards economic crisis. He could claim a long-term, but initially troublesome deal with the EU to boost trade and integration, or he could secure a $15 billion loan from Russia and join the Eurasian Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus (Woehrel 2014, p. 1-2). subsequently continuous

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